Sampson Research Inc. is owned and operated by John Sampson, B.A. Economics (High Honours), M.A. Economics. John's four decade career has focused on the practical application of economic research and analysis to the efficient use of energy and resources, economic development, program evaluation, and economic and socio-economic impacts of policies and projects. John has held senior research positions in the government, utility, and private sectors.

Sampson Research has successfully led large, complex studies by bringing together specialists in quantitative and qualitative market research, econometric modeling, engineering and building sciences, and electrical contracting.
Energy & Renewables Analysis
Research and analysis to support the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs that promote the efficient use of energy and resources.
Economic and socio-economic impact studies to assess the economic implications of industry projects, community events, and government policy initiatives.
Investment preparedness research and evaluation of economic development programming and initiatives.
Economic research that matters to communities and business
Economic Research & Consulting
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